Friday, August 12, 2011

hello weekend

image by Katie Baum via Aubury Road

Not too much work getting done around the studio today.
Can't stop dreaming of summer and sun, camping and road trips - just generally being outside. This winter has hit me hard.

I'm giving up - I'm taking some cider and a blanket, my love and my dog, and going to sit on the beach to soak up the tiniest bit of fading sun and warmth for the day.

This probably doesn't help.


Melmo said...

I miss summer as well. This year it's really stupid. i love the picture!

homestilo said...

Funny, you are on your way to Summer and Summer here is on the way out...

kelsey louise said...

Hey, thanks for your encouraging words! I've been dreaming about wool socks and sweaters and you're wishing to be rid of them. That's the way it goes! Hope you feel good in the sun. Take care :)